A: Yes we do! We have a full service department ready to service your HOT SPRING SPA without having to call an 800 number. You deal with us locally.

A: We have several spas filled with water. Bring your bathing suit and towel and try out a HOT SPRING SPA in our private showroom.

A: We sell the finest quality spas made by the world’s largest manufacturer, HOT SPRINGS SPAS. We have a full line of spas in our showroom so you can see, feel and learn about the premium features of a HOT SPRING SPA.

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A: Unfortunately we do not have toys, but we have just about everything else you may need for your pool.

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A: First and foremost, bring a sample of your pool water (8 oz) to us and we will be happy to test it and sell you what you need to solve this problem. As always, our water analysis tests are FREE.

A: We sure do. Everyone working in our retail store has years of experience to help you purchase only what you need to keep your pool sparkling and clean. We will only sell you what you need, not what a computer tells you to buy.

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A: Bring your cleaner into our store. We will troubleshoot and replace needed parts.

A: We sell a complete line of pool cleaners from the “random path” type to the programmed cleaner. We also have a fully stocked line of most pool cleaner parts, which we will put on your cleaner. We only charge for the parts; no labor.

A: Yes, we do test your water and make recommendations on how to keep your pool sparkling and algae free.

A: Typically this means that your motor bearings are wearing out. Call us. We will come out for a service call and diagnose and perform the repair.

A: Yes we do. Based on the type and condition of your tile, we have a system that we use to clean your tile. We acid wash in a 2-day process. We drain your pool the first day, and acid wash your pool the second day. You’ll be pleased with the outcome of both processes.

A: No we don’t. But we have been in the business long enough to give you good recommendations.

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A: Either you sense something is wrong, or your technician, on his service day, notices something broken, leaking, etc. It’s as easy as a phone call to our office to set up a repair technician to come out, diagnose and perform the repair.

A: Every pool is different when it comes to needs and up-keep. A few factors play into this equation. In what area of town is the property located? How often do the pool and spa get used? How modern and up-to-date is the filtration system? Does the Pool have an automatic cleaner? How much do you to contribute to the up-keep?
We send an owner/supervisor to do an once-over and determine what is best for your pool. We can customize a proper service package that could be as simple as just adding chemicals, to a full thorough cleaning service.

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