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Renovation Services

Renovation Services

Our renovation experts can get your tile, pool surface, or deck looking like new!

  • We have years of experience renovating pools
  • All services are customizable to your specific pool and equipment.
  • We can even repair your pool deck.

It's rare to find a business so nice and helpful. Would definitely recommend for any of your spa needs! Cant be a better place to buy a hot tub.

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Pool Resurfacing

Is your current plaster old? Is it cracking, or delaminated? Have you worn through the finish to the underlying gunite (concrete)? It may be time to chip our your old finish and replace it. We have different options to suit your tastes and budget!
  • Available in White or Colored Plaster
  • Pebble Finishes Also Available!

Deck Resurfacing

Is your current deck chipped, cracking, or just need to be updated?We have different options to help you get the look you want:
  • Cool Decking
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Stone
  • Travertine

Acid/Chlorine Wash

Over time the pools surface can collect stains from different variables. Stains from dirt, calcium, metals, algae etc. Depending on the age and integrity of the pools surface, and how long the stains have been adhered to the finish of the pool, an acid or chlorine wash may be an option to take.
* Not all pools are eligible for this process. Call us for a free estimate and or consult.

Tile Clean

  • Gentle and efficient while using an environmentally safe process
  • Yes! we clean up after ourselves!
  • We offer discounts to our weekly service customers!

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