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Best Hot Tub Brands

2020 Guide To The Best Hot Tub Brands

The Key Differences & Our Top Picks

Looking To Find The Best Hot Tub Brands?

With more and more hot tub companies entering the market, choosing between models and brands is more difficult than ever. The amount of factors you will have to consider when picking out a new hot tub is quite large: price, size, availability of parts, warranty, dealer proximity, design, jet technology, and more should all be considered in your decision. 

Lucky for you, we used our expansive knowledge of the hot tub industry to break down the top 3 hot tub brands you should be focussing on. 

1. Caldera Spas

Caldera Spas tops our list for a multitude of reasons. Besides from being one of the world’s top-selling Hot Tub brands, the features, design, and longevity of these hot tubs are unmatched. Hot Spring recently collaborated with DesignWorks, a BMW company the specializes in blending modern design with ergonomic comfort, and it shows in the design of their newer spas.

Caldera Spas are well known for their long lifespan, and their nationwide dealer network in always stocked with parts for their new and old models. This provides a level of customer service and reliability that is unmatched in the industry. 

Another unique feature of Caldera spas is their innovative Saltwater system. Its patented design keeps spa water clean and clear by generating chlorine from a small amount of salt in your spa’s water. This unique system reduces the usual chemical smell, and skin irritation that traditional water care systems can cause. This system also requires very little maintenance when compared to other water care options.

The last feature we love about Caldera spas is their jet technology paired with their easy to use control panels. In their Flagship Utopia Collection, you get a well-designed touchscreen display that you can use to customize your aqua massage experience. Caldera Spas also feature some of the most unique jet technology.

Caldera Spas have three lines of hot tubs ranging from entry-level to ultra-luxurious. If you are looking for a reliable, long lasting hot tub that will provide the best technology in the hot tub industry, then Caldera Spas is the brand to go with. 

2. Hot Spring Spas

Hot Spring Spas is another popular choice and shares many of the same qualities as Caldera Spas. Both brands have a nationwide dealer network, similar warranties, advanced heating and filtration technology, and are the only two brands with the innovative Saltwater system available. The two brands are quite evenly matched, and which brand you go with may easily depend on your personal preference, which brand has a closer dealer, and the prices of the individual models. Regardless, when you start researching which brand to go with, or head to a dealer to check out different brands, you are sure to come across Hot Spring or Caldera Spas.

3. Freeflow Spas

Our second choice for the best hot tub brand of 2021 is Freeflow Spas. If you are looking for a hot tub on a budget, you should be checking out Freeflow Spas. These innovative hot tubs are all “plug & play” models meaning they can simply plug into any common 110v outlet at your home. They are also lighter than traditional 240v hot tubs and can be moved easily. These features make getting a Freeflow Spa a low investment for renters or new hot tub owners. Avoid large installation and delivery fees and still have access to a fully functional hot tub.

Freeflow spas are typically smaller than 240volt hot tubs, but still feature jets and lounger options. Freeflow Spas are made by Watkins Wellness, the #1 hot tub manufacturer meaning these hot tubs are built to last, and have been put through their paces before hitting the showroom floor. Freeflow Spas also has a nationwide dealer network, meaning you will always be able to find someone to perform maintenance on your spa.


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