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Pool Pump Repair

Pool Pump Repair

Our Tucson Pool & Spa technicians will repair your pool pump for you at the leisure of your own home. If for some reason the repair cannot be completed on your property, we’ll take it to our shop free of charge. 

To be blunt, your pool and hot tub/spa should be a relaxing experience. 

So why the background noise?  

If your motor is sounding run down or making loud noises, we can install and replace your old motor with an energy efficient pump that not only saves you money, it also saves you noise pollution. 

Looking to save money on your energy bill?  Equipment replacements are available, where the new variable speed pumps will not only save you money each month but also run significantly quieter. The Pentiar Intelliflo VSF pump will save you both money on your electricity bill and noise pollution with this ultra-quiet pump!

Plus, want to control your pool equipment from your phone? Now you can! We have the latest in pool automation.

Contact us for service!

Estimate how much you can save on energy costs by switching to a variable speed pool pump.


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