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Pool Repair

Pool Repair

When it comes to pool repair, we have you covered. With your best needs at the heart of what we do, we’re prepared to make honest, technically advanced decisions with your backing to repair your pool and maintain your hot tub / spa equipment at all times. Our highly trained pool equipment repair technicians receive the most up-to-date training for all our makes and models, meaning they’re prepared to diagnose and repair your equipment as needed.

Tucson Pool & Spa technicians have the experience and knowledge, coupled with a friendly, neighborly attitude that makes service and repair a pleasant, knowledge sharing experience.  Our experts are knowledgeable in everything from air and water leaks to full equipment installs including pumps, filters, heaters, automation systems, etc.

Our advanced inventory ensures we have access to most of the required parts needed to repair any pool and hot tub/spa equipment you own. Throughout the diagnosis process, you’ll be informed of costs involved and all repairs to ensure the process is seamless. 

Our technicians will discuss the best course of action for you, taking into account repairs that may not be viable or conducive to the overall health of the pool and hot tub/spa, as well as your wallet. This means when a replacement is cheaper than a repair, your technician will let you know. 

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priority.

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