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Weekly Pool Services

Weekly Pool Services in Tucson, AZ

Tired of searching for a “pool cleaning service near me?”

The wait is over.

Explore Our Weekly Pool Service Packages

Find the perfect weekly pool maintenance package tailored to your needs. From essential cleaning to customized care, we offer a range of services to keep your pool pristine.

Packages start at $114.95 and can change due to service type, pool size and usage, surrounding foliage, and other factors. 

Have questions? Feel free to contact us using the form below. 


Basic Service

Expanded Service

Traditional Service

Custom Service

– Custom pricing

Semi-Commerical Service

– Custom pricing

*Price subject to change due to size, usage, surrounding foliage, and other factors.

Pool cleaning is a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be! With our weekly pool cleaning service, our pool service technicians will come to your pool on a regular weekly basis to ensure cleanliness and upkeep. From your pool pump to your pool chemicals, we’ve got you covered. They’ll brush, net, and vacuum as needed. They’ll test and adjust the water chemistry, they’ll empty the pump and skimmer baskets and backwash DE and sand filters as needed. 

Like to be informed? Tired of not knowing what to do next? Our pool service technicians not only do the work, they inform you as well. As the premier pool cleaning service for Tucson, they’re here to not only upkeep and service your pool, keeping it clean and prime for usage, they’re here to give you quality assurance and quality care. This means they’re trained in preventative maintenance with all pool and spa equipment, so they’re checking on leaks, on plumbing issues, and anticipating repairs and replacements before damage strikes. 

You get weekly pool cleaning service and pool maintenance inspections combined in our weekly pool service so you are always ahead of the game and free to enjoy your pool or spa at your leisure. 

We Work, You Play!

Contact us for weekly service!

Our Weekly Services are year round with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas / New Years break

Include Monitoring of Equipment and Cleaners in Need of Repair or Replacement.

Designed to meet our customers needs. However, all services are customizable to your specific pool and spa.

Technician provides and applies required chemicals necessary to achieve and maintain chemical balance in your pool.

Green to Clean

Acid/Chlorine Wash


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