Betta SE Solar Skimmer

Tired of having to skim the pool by hand? Especially after a Tucson storm?

  • Purely Solar
  • Large easy to clean basket
  • Works in both traditional chlorine and salt pools
  • UV resistant body
  • Cordless remote control

A solar skimmer will help to maintain proper water flow through the pool’s filtration system by lessening the debris captured by the pool’s built in-skimmer basket.

Betta SE Description

The Betta SE is redesigned to be more durable and reliable by incorporating new technology and materials. It features re-engineered twin Salt Chlorine Tolerant (SCT) Motors that automatically and continually clean the pool surface and remove debris, such as leaves, dust, pollen, dead insects, and pet hairs. It is cordless and uses 100% solar power, and comes with a wireless remote control for easy switching between auto-clean and remote-control modes. Additionally, it has a large fine-mesh debris basket with a top handle for easy emptying, and adjustable water depth bumper rods to prevent getting stuck in shallow water.

Betta SE Video